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Extension Di Capelli :

Extensions are artificial integrations of human hair. Unlike wigs, extensions do not have the function of creating a fictitious hairstyle on the head, but of rekinding or lengthening the hair already present. They can be made with real human hair, or with others made of synthetic fibers. The effects of extensions are to simulate a type of hair that normally could not be made with its own natural hair. Several actresses, singers and entertainment personalities have been using extensions for years. There are different techniques for applying extensions, inserted by the hairdresser. The first technique is to fasten the extensions via keratin at the base of the hair. Aesthetically, this technique has the best possible result, however fixing glues can damage real hair and create irritation and allergies to the skin. The second technique (called Brazilian) is to tie the extension strands to those of real hair. The result of this technique is appreciable, but the duration over time is limited to about three months. The third technique (called African) is to create parallel pigtails with your own hair, to which the extension locks are literally sewn. This technique is the fastest ever, but the effect of regrowth of real hair is quite noticeable. Today, other faster techniques are used to fix already woven bands of hair such as mounting with clips or double-sided tape.

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